Food shots

Nasi Ayam Goreng ( fried chicken rice ) in USM-University Science Malaysia quite cheap for everyone of us and it tastes nice.
EGG tarts~ hot served egg tart is one of my favourite..I love the special crust of the egg tarts really miss my hometown this time =)
Simple chinese style of Dim Sum ( light food for direct traslation) I think everyone whoever consume dimsum should drink some tea since I think it is good for our own health..
Normal bun ..

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SoMe Food Shots ^^

Deep Fried Prawn.. The coating of the prawn make this dish very tasty. In my opinion, the freshness of the prawn is the Key to make this dish delicous
Chinese style Siew Mai. Quite delicious dish but I think a bit oily for me , Usually I will drink tea when I wish to eat Siew Mai.
Fresh fruit punch in University Science Malaysia. Very nice one . Freshness of the juice make us rejuvenate!!
Lor Mee in KL, it is differ with Penang Lor Mee. It consist a fresh prawn and you may add vinegear to make the Lor Mee more tasty
Grilled fish at Chop N Steak ( SRI SERDANG) .. very nice dish but one of my friend complained about the freshness of the fish =p

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merry xmas

A gift toward any friends , best wishes to you all and merry christmas
A little cute girl ... cheers!!
Sign board
Christmas design... cool rite?

Donation well. hope all children over the world get the best wishes...

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Xmas design

KLCC design, very interesting with a rotating candy bar ..
Most eco-friendly and econ-friendly Christmas tree.. It was made by the used plastic bottles, very creative and it looks nice.. save the earth
A small decorative on the christmas tree
KlCC christmas decoration ..
KLCC christmas decoration
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Shot on desserts ~ nyonya, malay desserts

This one is typically Nyonya cake. the center of this cake is filled with brown sugar and some coconuts. Love the feel of eating this. Should have a try .
Red bean is inside this cake .. the skin is so crispy!
This one is more tends to chinese style desserts, a bit oily for me but I think many of you still able to cope with this
Munchy cookies, one of my favourite
Malay goreng pisang .. very very very wonderful desserts, It is actually fried banana. Yummy
I love this one .. fluffy one .. very ncie
similar ... but from differ angle !!

Hope you all like this . All photos are unedited, Uncropped . ^^

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Some Macro Shot That I like

This shot captured in Penang Butterfly Farm. This was captured at the first day I own my semi-pro camera. I think it looks nice How do you all think ?

This one is took last year in my university, I love the beetle.. Look very nice! how do you all think ?
Simply wish to capture the Ant in the flower hehe but so tiny lo... must use a magnifier to view it !!
This little flower is captured in front of my college last year , the color so intense and make me so intend to capture it

Just try to see the limit of my cheap camera, result proved , It can !!

Ps: all photo not been edited other than adjusting brightness , contrast, and cropping ,Thanks for viewing.
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Food Series

I use new style of post editing over this photo. This Steam egg was prepared by my daddy when I am in Penang . hehe I love this one, very tasty when add a little bit of sesame oil and some soya oil .. I prefer add some pepper over the top .. It just NICE!!! hehe.
This is one of Penang Famous dish~ Char Koay Teow, My mum will buy it for me when I in penang. I like the spicy.. Yummy

My sister bought it to me.. I not sure what special is this Egg-tart this one very costly... but taste quite nice ... Post here to thanks my sister!! ^^
This one is LOK LOK .. some sort like steam boat. I love this kind of feeling very nice and very local style .. Of course it is quite costly also !!
A table full of ingredient .. Of course very nice and fresh !!

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Bcm reunion steamboat

My coursemate.. shu yih, he is a very funny guy and he like to joke and make fun .. and he is very cheerful too. He will make fun with foong lian chee.. he is boss of some society in my course haha. All of us will laugh when he is around us.
foong lian chee, very cheerful and helpful girl . We always have activities at her house. Lian Chee has a lot of friends and she will try her best to help her friends .. she is single and available .. Do you all notice her face a bit round?? haha she dont like people say her lydat .. anyway she is very kind and good girl
Happy Chinese New Year.. Cheers
This is volcano Chai.. very dedicated and responsible .. she is kinda serious and very helpful. But she will tension if things are messed up and she is single and available. But bare in mind, you must be caring enough to cool down this volcano.. haha .. she is very nice also
this is my friend siew ching . she is from sarawak and she is also a responsible girl and she are kinda well plan in finance so what are you all waiting for ? get her contact from me now guys
this is my friend Kuan Wen Bin , very serious and tedious person . He always smile to everyone he knows. As a result, we try to create a cool pose for him this time .. hehe ... hopefully he is satisfy with what I had done
Shinny guy...OOI .. der Juin very cheerful and helpful. He can solve problem by his own hands and within short duration .. He is single but he seems to enjoy single life but I wish to introduce some girls to him

I tried new style in editing this photo.. New composition and I found out that it looks nice. I think this is possible to share and worth to share

similarly, I take this photo to create blurr by using big aperture.. F is small . and in PP i using the effect of contrast to bring up the color of the vegetable and foods
This is shik Nie From Melacca. I am so sorry since I type wrong her name ... She is very responsible and hardworking girl.. I not know her very well , she is Volcano Chai best friend
This is top student in our course, Geok Yee. I use new technique in creating frame and the display. Hope they will like it . Geok Yee is very brilliant , and she will score well even without reading ,, best friend of siang tean
This is my friend Siang Tean, I design this photo by using Photoshop and I hope my friend will like it.
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