What is Limit : Think higher , Perform Better.

What is Limit ?
Limit in simple can be defined as point at which something ends. Other than that, limit in more practical can be said as border, boundary that restrain one matter.

Does limit exist ?
Limit generally exist in normal circumstances, however, the "existence" of limit is arguable, since most of the limits that we encounter with are vague and ambiguous. In other words, we are unable to see the appearance of Limit, for me it is just a scale of measurement that someone set for reference purposes

Who set the limit ?
Limit is vary for person to person. This also imply that we (our-self) set the limit.

I am sure everyone of us will get pissed off at least once in our life. What make us angry and loss on control ? It is the Limit of temper.

Let us look on an example, Jason and Jame both are classmate, both of them score only 2omarks in their mathematics examination. However, Jason will get mad when his friends describe him as "dumb" whereas Jame will only angry when his friends describe him as " stupid". Both of them set their own limit of temper , whoever tries to challenge beyond their limit will get scolded definitely.

What influence on each one limit ?
1) Past experiences. Inevitably,those things you had done in past is within your limit whereas things you had not done before is beyond your limit
2) Personal Assumption. If you think you can do it , no matter how hard the task be, it can be done. Sometimes assumption also been influenced by friends advices or opinions, however, those opinions or advices should be take as reference but not to constrain our limit.
3) Rationale. Rationality sometimes give us and idea, but it doesn't mean anything. Therefore, "THINKING BIG" book is available in market to inculcate us to have more positive and big dream so that we can be a better person.

In short, we should think positive. Think higher, perform better.


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